kim final final photoWhy I decided to offer Makeup Classes

As a pioneer in the makeup industry, I have always built my business on providing flawless makeup and exceptional customer service all while conducting my business in an ethical manner that my team and I are proud of.

I have always hired certified makeup artists but I was constantly providing extra training to those artists joining my team to ensure they were “industry ready” and able to provide the same high quality hair and makeup services that my clients had become accustomed to receiving.

I have always been passionate about mentoring and teaching and in 2012, I decided to take the Professional Instructor Diploma PID Program so that I could learn how to teach the skills and techniques I had acquired over the years!

What I really learned in the Instructor Program was that if you want to be a successful teacher, you have to have successful students. I wanted to ensure that my students were learning the skills effectively. I developed a curriculum with interactive classes in a fun learning environment that consistently measures what the students are learning.

I knew that there were businesses selling very short programs (2 weeks) on how to become a makeup artist. In my experience and education,  I found it very difficult to understand how these students were learning and retaining the information taught to them.

I wanted to offer classes that truly catered to the student and gave them the foundation to start their own successful careers. That is how my classes are different and that is why my students love their training and have gained a strong confidence that will last their entire careers!

This is what I am passionate about and I invite you to call me to inquire about my next set of classes! I look forward to hearing from you. 604-785-9001.



Art of Hair and Makeup Program – Master Class
(200 hours)

 Are you an aspiring makeup artist who wants to learn from the best and launch your career at the same time? This class will consist of over 200hours of in class training and we will have several classes taking place in 2016!

This class requires no introductory training and teaches you everything you need to know to start a successful career as a Hair and Makeup Artist!  There is limited seating so please call Kim for more information and class description. Register today at – 604-785-9001.