About Kim Basran

Welcome to “All Eyes On You” by Kim Basran. As an established and sought out makeup and hair artist internationally I am able to customize any looks for weddings, non bridal, graduations, anniversaries or even for those women who have never experienced having a professional style them from head to toe.

With my years of experience I am able to bring to life any inspired looks that you as a client may have, please have a look through my portfolio as you will see that there are no two looks that are ever the same.

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Kim is an award winning makeup and hair artist who specializes in styling her clients for their special events. Kim Basran has offered the following services for the last 17 years. Please call Kim for a free sit down consultation to further discuss the details of your upcoming events.

Bridal Services – Kim has provided bridal makeup services for hundreds of brides in the last 17 years. Kim’s past brides describe her as “big sister” that provides a calming presence that ensures a wonderful experience for such a special day.

  • Customized Makeup Application
  • Customized Strip Lashes
  • Customized Hair Styling
  • Expert Styling Advice for Jewelry and Accessories
  • Pinning of the Dupatta (Veil)
  • Makeup Application and Hair Styling for Bridal Party
  • Complimentary Makeup Services for the Mother of the Bride
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Training Programs

Always learning, always challenging herself, and most importantly, always eager to help others, Kim earned her Professional Development Instructor certification in 2012 and is currently working toward a Masters Degree, and is now passing on her vast knowledge and experience to others through master classes and seminars.  

We are now taking registrations for 2019 classes. Contact us to learn more.

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  • Kim is fabulous at what she does. She is very attentive to the needs of her client. Unlike, some make-up artists who have an idea of what they would like to do for your look, Kim takes the time to listen to your ideas. She is full of energy and makes the entire process fun! You are guaranteed feeling beautiful after she has done her magic!

    - Amar Johal

  • Kim is the consummate professional and simply one of the best makeup artists around. She has a keen eye for detail and style and I have always been extremely impressed anytime she has done my hair and makeup. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from many of her clients. When you choose Kim as your makeup artist, you know you are getting a professional with a true passion for her work, you know that you will get someone who will go beyond the extra mile to satisfy every client and you know that she will truly care about making you look your absolute best. Highly recommend Kim!

    - Sam Bath

  • My experience working with Kim for my wedding events as well as family wedding events is that she is skilled, professional and truly is passionate about her industry. Not only is she an amazing artist but she is easy to work with and always listens to what her clients are comfortable with. She is also very knowledgeable about dressing brides and even helped when my family had random questions such as how to best place a boutonniere. Kim is kind and easy to talk to…the perfect person to keep a bride calm on her wedding day or comfort a mother who is emotional for her son’s wedding which is what she did for my mom.

    Plain and simple, Kim is the best and I can’t wait to work with such a talented, amazing professional again!

    - Maureen Hari

  • Never have I ever received more compliments than when Kim has done my make up. I have used her services a few times now and every time I am more than satisfied. She really knows what she is doing. She is able to cover my severe dark cicles without making me look like i am wearing a mask. Her experience and skill level surpass the vast majority of make up artists these days. She is professional, yet makes you feel comfortable as if you had been friends forever!
    I also took one of Kim’s classes to learn how to do my own make up. She is a great teacher. Again her skill and experience show in how she teaches. After taking Kim’s class I feel a little less self conscious about my eyes because of my ability to cover them up. Thank you Kim. You truly are leader in your field and I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone!

    - Jenni Sanghera

  • Amazing artist! She’ll make you look the best you’ve ever looked and make you feel like a star throughout the entire process. Highly recommended.

    - Rokzanna Basi

  • I was looking for a makeup professional who would teach me what I wanted to learn and found Kim Basran (after spending hundreds of dollars). I wanted to learn how to apply makeup for myself only: by using the right products, correct technique, and proper brushes. My makeup classes were personally geared for me and Kim taught me exactly what I wanted to learn.

    Before I started my classes, I received a complimentary makeover.
    After my first class, my homework was to practice at home and send pictures to Kim so that she would see how I was progressing and applying my makeup correctly. If I needed help or had questions between classes, Kim was always available by telephone or Facetime.
    Having learnt to do my makeup properly and correctly, I personally thought I looked great, and had a difficult time getting out without applying makeup. The negative thing about having to do your makeup correctly takes time, so I had to wakeup 30 minutes early every morning. When I went out in the evenings, I didn’t want to wash my makeup off because it looked so good in the hopes that it would stay like that in the morning so I wouldn’t have to start all over again.

    By taking these personalized makeup classes, not have I gained knowledge and skills to apply makeup correctly, but I have gained a friend. On my last day, Kim took me shopping for the few makeup items and brushes that I wanted to add to my collection.

    - Shera Haji

  • Kim was friendly and made sure I was pleased with my look. Had a great experience with her and her team. Would highly recommend 🙂

    - Megan Sahota

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