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Definition: Contouring is the art of using dark and light foundations creams and powders to shade and highlight the face and body to bring out and/or hide features.


“Makeup artists are like modern day sculptors when using highlighting and contouring techniques.” – Kim Basran


before and after contour makeup by Kim Basran Kristiey


Makeup highlighting and contouring is something I learned over 15 years ago when I attended Blanche MacDonald for their Certified Makeup Artistry Program. 

This was a technique at that time that was being used by professional makeup artists in films, editorial photography and high fashion runways shows. The highlighting and contouring in these specific situations is extreme because of the bright lights and flashes that wash out the face and make it look like its one dimension. With contouring and highlighting, you can sculpt the face to highlight features of the model or actress and also to hide any imperfections needed.

In recent years, due to new products being released and the explosion of online tutorials in social media, contouring has become a very hot and trendy topic in the beauty industry.

As a professional in the industry, I am able to create any look needed with my skill level in contouring and highlighting. Whether you want a very sculpted “Barbie doll” look or a more blended version, I can create a custom look that is specific to my client’s needs and wants for the event they are attending.

For example, I often use makeup contouring and highlighting to match these following client requests:

  • “Kim, please make my face look thinner and more  chiseled”
  • “Kim, please for the love of god, address my double chin”
  • “Kim, please make my nose more narrow and straight”
  • “Kim, please highlight my collar bones”
  • “Kim, please use your contouring skills to enhance my cleavage”
  • “Kim, please contour my lips to give me fuller, poutier and sexier lips like Angelina Jolie”
  • “Kim, please make my large forehead look smaller”
  • “Kim, please bring out my cheekbones like Megan Fox”
  • “Kim, can you make my face look fuller with highlight”
  • “Kim, create a bridge on my nose” (often asked for by clients with a smaller or flatter nose)
  • “Kim, make my arms look smaller and more defined”


before and after contour makeup by Kim Basran copy


As women, we all our favorite features that we want to highlight. At the same time, we may also have some features that we may want to camouflage.  I have actually created my own unique method of contouring that is very blended and looks flawless.

I hope this blog answers some of the questions about contouring that our team is asked daily!

If you have a wedding  or special event coming up in this year and have not yet hired a makeup artist, be sure to call the Kim Basran Group. We are happy to answer any questions you may have! 604-785-9001