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i-s4FXp5j-LI am lucky to work with woman in all stages of their life: at graduation, prom, engagement parties, their weddings, maternity photoshoots, anniversaries and family photoshoots.  I really enjoy seeing my clients grow from young girls into woman with their own families! It is such an honor when they always hire the Kim Basran Makeup and Hair Team for all of the special events in their life.

As I’ve been a successful makeup artist for the last 13 years with such a loyal clientele, it is important to me to give back where I can! I partnered up with my friend and talented photographer Geno (  to run another contest.

I had the idea to do a fun maternity photoshoot contest on facebook as pregnancy is such a beautiful moment in a woman’s life. Everyone knows that pregnant woman have this glow about them and I wanted to treat one lucky pregnant woman to a free maternity photoshoot with custom makeup and hair application by the Kim Basran team. 

Some woman think they should only hire a makeup artist for their wedding but it is important to hire a professional whenever you are having a photoshoot done by a professional photographer especially at such an important time in your life.

The response to the contest was amazing and I was pleased to see so many people nominating their pregnant friends to like my page and enter the contest! It was also nice to see a few husbands entering the contest to have a chance for their wife to win! When I saw the husband’s entering, I thought to myself, we should definitely incorporate the husband into the photoshoot.

After over 300 entries over a 2 week period, our lucky winner, Kim Bhatia was the winner of our photoshoot. (I will be using Kim’s full name in this blog so no one gets confused as to who I am writing about!)

Our winner Kim Bhatia was so excited to win and we got in touch with each other. Her husband was so happy for her and we decided to bring him into the photoshoot.

We picked a day and the excited couple showed up in the morning. This photoshoot was based around the winner’s pregnant belly so I kept the makeup simple and flawless. Being that Kim Bhatia was pregnant, she wasn’t getting a lot of sleep. Although her skin was glowing, I did have to address the tiredness in Kim’s eyes. I added more highlight under her eyes than I usually would to brighten up her eyes. To make the eyes appear more open and awake, I used eyeliner and lashes that were deep in color.

Kim Bhatia normally has her hair straightened but for the photoshoot, we decided to do a soft wave so there would more movement in the hair and it would be more full. The look ended up being very soft and pretty.

Once Kim Bhatia was ready, I introduced her to the award winning photographer Geno! Kim Bhatia and her husband were so excited to meet Geno.

When we went to the location of the photoshoot, there was a downpour and it was extremely windy. Welcome to Vancouver! We were well prepared for this weather, the crew members had umbrella’s and blankets so we could move forward with the photoshoot.

This photoshoot was little more delicate than most photoshoots in the past being that Kim Bhatia was pregnant. We had to move things slowly to make sure that Kim Bhatia was comfortable.

This is why bringing the husband into the photoshoot was a great idea because he kept her warm. He was only too happy to put his arms around her to keep his wife and baby warm.

Geno really wanted to capture the love and affection between this couple in these important moments before they were having their baby.

Kim and her husband were appreciative that we had an opportunity to capture these moments at the end of the pregnancy. These photos will be the beginning stage of their babies life. Geno and I looking forward to finding out if the baby is a boy or girl and we wish this couple a lot of luck in their upcoming adventure of diaper daze!

Enjoy the photos and if you are wanting to capture a special moment in your life, be sure to call the Kim Basran group at 604-785-9001!

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Working with Kim the makeup artist and Kim, the winner of our contest was a lot of fun! I really enjoy family photography and it was very special for me to capture some moments of this young couple as they enter a new chapter in their lives. Kim and Monish were so thankful to win the contest and I was happy to provided them with these beautiful photos.


Winning this contest was such an excitement for Monish and I! I had tears of excitement to hear that I won and knowing that I was getting my hair and makeup done by Kim Basran, who has done bridal makeup for my cousins.


The experience was amazing. We did not feel like strangers when we arrived at Kim’s house. She was so welcoming and made us feel like we were at home. Kim did my hair and makeup and did an amazing job. I loved the way she did it. The whole experience made me feel special. I got so many compliments. Geno, the photographer was such a friendly guy.


They both asked our opinions on what kind of shots we wanted. The photoshoot was fun with lots of laughs. My husband and both felt like we had known Kim and Geno for years.


I thank both of them for this great experience and I recommend the Kim Basran for hair and makeup services and Geno for photography! Thank you Kim and Geno!!

Kim Bhatia


I wanted to thank you for this amazing opportunity. I’ve never had an experience like this before. I enjoyed the photoshoot. Both Geno and Kim were so friendly, professional and made things very easy for us. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to look their best for photoshoots or events to call Kim!

Monish Bhatia