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Eye PrimerMy clients often tell me that the makeup I applied on them lasted all day. They are amazed that the makeup does not budge and ask me for “my secrets”. Well, I can’t give away all my secrets but applying makeup that lasts all day is a combination of using the right products with the right tools as well as using the right technique. My certification as well as my 13 years of experience as a makeup artist also helps!!

One product that is always is my kit is the the Micabella Eye Primer. I apply this primer on the lid before applying eyeshadow. I’ve been using this product on myself and my clients for the past 4 years! I love the way the primer makes the eye shadow stays put and also does not crease.

I would really recommend this product if you want long lasting shadow. I hope you enjoyed the recommendation and if you want to learn more about how to apply makeup like a pro, consider taking the next “Art of Makeup” Seminar!