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I have known Parminder for a few years and I was excited when she booked me for her wedding. I had met Jesse, her fiance and I felt they were a match made in heaven.

Parminder was kind enough to allow me to take some before and after photos of her on the day of her wedding so I could showcase the transformation of a “natural girl next door” to a “supermodel Indian bride”!

Parminder gave me total freedom in creating her look. With her I decided I would create a custom look of Bollywood meets Hollywood. I feel the final look really captured who she was. She loved all of the looks I created and Jesse could not take his eyes off of his new bride.

I hope you enjoy the photos in the album below. If you are interested in booking me for your wedding, feel free to call me at 604-785-9001 or email me at!

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