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I had the pleasure of working with Shevonne this past weekend. Shevonne has been looking forward to this day for a long time and I had an opportunity to really collaborate with her over time to create a custom look for her –  to compliment both her personality and style.

Shevonne put a lot of trust in my ability to come up with both her hair and makeup styles to suit her wedding attire. I would describe her look as a “romantic fairy princess” in Bollywood! Shevonne has a unique sense of style and loves to create her own modern take on a vintage look.

I was inspired by her sense of style and vision. In fact for Shevonne’s hair, I created a high bun and then incorporated fresh, white orchids beneath the bun. This was the first time I have used fresh orchids when styling hair for an Indian wedding. It turned out great and Shevonne was thrilled with the final results which was romantic, fresh, modern, youthful and classy – all of which also describe my client Shevone to a tee!

I hope you enjoy viewing these lovely photos as much as I did! Until next time…