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i-phrjdQT-LSelena’s first hired me for her engagement and she was so happy that she immediately hired me for her wedding and reception. Selena is a natural beauty and normally wears only chapstick and moisturizer.

She had so many compliments on her engagement, that it made her much more comfortable with giving me total freedom in creating looks for her and also guiding her on choosing her clothing and jewelry. She felt much more comfortable with me styling her as she knew that I was really listening to her needs and wants.

I wanted to create a modern day Indian princess look with soft colors and glowing skin! Since I worked with her and her mom in coming up with looks that showed who she is – a simple, elegant girl with a touch of flair and a genuine smile.

During the rehearsal for the wedding, Selena got a lot of positive feedback from her mom and fiancé. She was so happy with what I had created, she said, “Please don’t ask me for what I want for the reception, just create a perfect look that will wow everyone when I walk in”. She kindly referred to me as a genius with magic in my hands.

This set into motion reselecting her reception jewelry which meant that more shopping. I was happy to accompany Selena and her Mom and we hit up the local Indian stores to find the perfect jewelry and bangles for her reception. There was some hesitation as I was pulling Selena out of her comfort zone but local store owners who know me told Selena, “Listen to Kim and you will turn heads”.

The moment that we paired the jewelry, bangles with her wedding attire, Selena was so happy to have had my guidance and experience in styling her.

The day of her wedding and reception came and in the morning she looked like a princess but at night, she was the “Queen of the night”.

It was such an amazing experience to work with this lovely bride. Thank you for trusting me Selena!

If you are interested in hiring me for your upcoming wedding or special event, just call or email at 604-785-9001 or I look forward to hearing from you!