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i-PwQhFVG-LI had a wonderful experience working with my bride, Pam! When I first met her, she told me that “I am not going to be your typical Indian bride”.  I was intrigued and loved her plans for her special day.

Not everyone has a traditional wedding ceremony at a church, temple , mandir, or mosque, in fact Pam had a outdoor justice of the peace ceremony that led into a cocktail party which turned into a reception.

Pam’s wedding was a perfect blend of east meets west and although she wore an Indian outfit, she chose to wear a vibrant blue instead of a traditional red. She also decided to wear her hair down at her wedding as she was not wearing a dupatta to cover her head.

Pam also chose lovely silver jewelry to complement her beautiful outfit. Because she paired a bold blue with silver jewelry that included shimmering stones, I knew I had to use makeup that was highly pigmented with a matte finish.

By applying these colors on her wedding day, I was able to create a dramatic but soft look that contrasted with the stones and the jewelry. The bold blue did not overpower her because of the custom makeup application. Instead, Pam looked like she had a sparkle in her eye and she just glowed with happiness at both her ceremony and reception.

Her best friend, Joanne (shown in the photos) was also glowing and very happy for her best friend as she stood by her on such an important day. Joanne played quite a role in picking Pam’s outfit and encouraging her best friend to “really go for it” in terms of attire, makeup and style. I could tell how proud Joanne was of Pam and that genuine friendship was lovely to see!

It was an amazing experience for me to work with such a lovely young lady who is so excited to create a new blended family with her husband and their kids. It just made me feel very warm in my heart. I am so happy for this couple and so glad that they choose me to be a part of their special day.

Enjoy the photos of this beautiful bride in blue below; and remember if you are looking for a makeup and hair artists  for your wedding please call the Kim Basran team at 604-785-9001.