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raniHey ladies! Here is a good example of a makeup application you could apply if you’re planning to wear all black! Enjoy.

1: Micabella primer
2: Rice paper eyeshadow by MAC (neutral) and then layer with Electric Eel eyeshadow, also by MAC
3: Apply freeze (blue) pigment by Micabella to whole eyelid
4: Along inside corners of eyelids, apply Rice Paper once again on top of the freeze (blue)
5: Along outer crease apply Micabella’s Ebony eyeshadow to create contrast
6: Along bottom lash line, apply Electric Eel shadow
7: Apply Carbon Black gel liner
8: Apply “Natural” lip liner by Micabella
9: Apply Berry Kiss lip stick from Ben Nye

I hope you enjoyed this tip and if you want to learn more about creating a custom look for yourself, join me at the next “Art of Makeup” seminar where I demonstrate how to use and apply all of my favorite products!

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