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i-JqrXgVr-LThe first time I met Ananyah, she immediately reminded me of someone famous. When I mentioned this to her, she told me that people often say this to her.  Ananyah then asked, “Who do I look like”? I laughed and told her, “The beautiful Kate Hudson, only you are the mocha version!” Ananyah laughed and told me that she had always admired Kate’s beauty.

After this first meeting, I was inspired and decided to do some research on Kate Hudson and the way she wears her makeup. I decided that a custom Kate Hudson inspired look would look amazing on Ananyah. When I applied her custom designed “Kate inspired” makeup application on the day of her rehearsal trial, Ananyah was speechless. She loved how the look I created for her looked flawless and also showed off her beautiful features.

She was so excited that she said, “I can’t wait to see what you come up with for my reception look, just create another custom makeup look for me!”

When I created another custom makeup application for Ananyah’s wedding reception, I took into consideration that her lengha was quite unique. I would describe it as a couture looking crushed midnight blue velvet gown incorporating three very vivid colors. Because of these colors, I created an elegant look with a midnight smokey eye. I kept the lips a soft and subtle rich hued pink. The final look was absolutely perfect and Ananyah looked gorgeous!

When I was done getting Ananyah ready for her grand entrance at the reception, she was whisked away quite quickly by her handsome husband and I was left in the room by myself. So I packed up and started to leave the building when I heard someone yell behind me, “Hey are you the Makeup Genius?”

I turned and saw the groom approaching me with Ananyah. He had gone out of his way to find me and thank me personally. He said, “Thank you for making her look so perfect for our reception!” With that being said, he walked away so proudly with her on his arm.

I still look at these photos and I can’t stop staring and admiring Ananyah’s beauty. What’s more inspiring is that this soft spoken, sweet, nurturing young lady is a doctor who is smart, kind and beautiful inside and out.