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kim saysOver the past 17 years, I have heard my client’s use the phrase “Kim says”. I would overhear them say things like: “Kim says Clinique eyeliner is the best” or “Kim says make sure you get your brows threaded three days before the wedding”.

Initially, I found it very endearing and then I realized how flattering this really was. My clients see me as an expert in the world of makeup application, hair styling, styling and trends. They really value my opinion and expertise.

Since I am passionate about makeup, hair and style trends and also very knowledgeable about makeup lines and products, I wanted to share this information with my clients and fans! 

In this new blog, I will be writing about:

  • My favorite makeup and styling products
  • Makeup product reviews
  • “How to” makeup and hair tutorials in photos and video’s
  • Style trends in Western and Indian fashion, makeup and hair
  • Inspiring Photos
  • Tips and Frequently asked questions
  • Valuable Resources

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can check it frequently. If there is something you want me to write about, please feel free to send an email to!

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope the articles below!


Kim Basran is an award winning makeup artist working in Surrey BC. She provides her makeup, hair and styling services in Surrey, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver, BC. She has also providing her services internationally.


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