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252A2259-LI am so happy to write about Kam Dhak, a bride that hired me as her makeup artist this past summer. When Kam contacted me, she was interviewing different makeup artists and was overwhelmed at how to choose the right artist. She asked if she could have a trial makeup application done as she did not wear any makeup and really needed to have a trial done so she could feel confident with whom she was going to hire as her makeup artist.

At the trial, Kam asked for less makeup and minimal colors numerous times. She had brought a family member with her to the trial who encouraged her to “listen to Kim, she is the makeup expert”. So she compromised and allowed me to really show her what I could do for her while addressing her concerns.

When she saw how she looked after I finished her trial, she was speechless and then said, “Thank you for listening to me and I’m also really glad I listened to you”. She was still not quite comfortable but said she would get back to me with her decision.

Once her family and friends saw her makeup from the trial, they all told her she looked flawless, fresh and awake! They really encouraged her to hire me as they thought she had found “the perfect makeup artist”!

Kam called me after a few days and hired me and also said that she felt comfortable in my hands and she wanted my input for all aspects of styling, attire and makeup for her wedding. I advised her that if she did not want a lot of color on her face, then to pick bold colors that compliment her skin tone so that the color can be in her clothing and jewelry. That way, we could keep the makeup colors more monotone on the face. You can see from the photos that this plan worked really well!

Over the course of working with Kam for 6 months prior to her wedding, she developed a relationship of complete trust which led her to feeling comfortable and confident when wearing makeup. I really take pride in making a bride feel this way. I feel that part of my job is education and encouragement. I was really proud of Kam as well for trusting me and together we really made her vision come true for her wedding and reception!

If you have a wedding coming up this year and have not yet hired a makeup artist, be sure to call the Kim Basran Group. We are happy to answer any questions you may have! 604-785-9001